Find MAC Address of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung galaxy Tab 2 is one of the finest piece from Samsung and as a user I can definitely say it is one of the best android tablet available in the market. Finding MAC address of android help you in MAC filtering a process of restricting devices using internet or allowing authenticated devices to use internet. This authenticating is done using MAC address at wi-fi router. In simple, you are protecting android phone using pattern If you are using Samsung galaxy phones or Samsung galaxy tab 2 this article will help you to know the MAC address of your device. Let us see how to find MAC address of Samsung galaxy tab 2 in detailed steps.

Go to Menu –> Settings or generally you have shortcut to directly go to settings by just tapping on the bottom right corner of your home screen.

In the system settings which you can see in the settings select About Phone as shown in the below figure.

Samsung galaxy MAC address

In the pane opened on the right side select Status. In the  pop up opened scroll bottom to see the MAC address of your Samsung galaxy tab 2 as shown in the below figure.

Samsung galaxy MAC address (2)



  1. Nice, now I know the MAC Address I am sure that I can secure my device even if I lost it.


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